The Montecatone estate is located in the outskirts of the old Montis Castrum, overlooking the gorgeous ancient village of Dozza, among the most beautiful in Italy, between Imola and Bologna, on the border between Emilia and Romagna.

Since 1983 to the present day, Giuliana Benedetti and her daughter Ilaria have invested in this project, proving that two determined and passionate women can go where their heart takes them.

Look as far as the eye can see and stop and listen to your breathing. It will probably be the only sound that will accompany your visit of the Montecatone estate. The farm is situated on a hillside of 77 hectares, 280 metres above sea level, completely covered with vineyards producing different types of wine. Here the climate is special and favours a harvest of high quality.

A dream to plunge into for a memorable wine tasting, but also the right place to find excellent wines ideal for a special event or for a gift that points straight to the heart.


6 vini tenuta montecatone

The Montecatone estate produces six types of wine that reflect the tradition to reach the soul and palate with the peculiarity of local vineyards. The merit goes to the gravelly soil and to the climate that hardly betrays a harvest but also to the cultivation techniques (where the use of chemical products is banned), and to the resting period of the grapes in wood and steel.

Sometimes one wonders what is the sense to make an excellent wine, if you are unable to add a soul to the taste and to take care of all its nuances.


The Garden of Vines is a space of the Montecatone estate dedicated to wine tastings. A simple yet refined environment that reflects the idea of something earthly without the need of further mediations. Our aim is to make you experience the sense of simplicity in such a natural way that time seems not to pass by.

Following the guided tour of the vineyards and winery you can book the wine tasting that suits you best.

When the tasting is over, you will feel so integrated with the world of great wines to feel the need to buy them directly in our shop.


Within the Garden of Vines, you will find a shop dedicated to our exclusive wines. This is but a part of the story, as an online store available for all italian customer who want to enjoy the quality and pleasure of all our wines by receiving them directly at home. Contact us by email to receive more informations on how to buy our wines.

Thursday and Friday: 2.30 PM – 6.30 PM;
Saturday: 9 AM – 6:30 PM.


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